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Port Authority of Pittsburgh has recently rolled out tracking devices for every bus in its fleet. Using this technology, they want to release an app to Pittsburgh natives and visitors that helps plan better trips around the city.

The "Big Deal" About Public Transportation

As transportation in a city improves, so does their economy. This increases 

Jobs and wages overtime. Thus, depending on the size of the city, providing anywhere from 1.5 million to 1.8 billion a year in economic value. This includes the improvement in investments. Not improving a city's transit system has the exact opposite effect.

Key Challenges

1)Finding stops for natives and visitors. Allowing user to navigate the app fluently and easily. Whether it is a power user or new user, It should have simplistic functions such as an easy accessible map, able to give directions on various distances, bus route schedules, descriptions of locations and categorized suggestions.

2)Indicating arrivals. In the technology world, things are constantly fighting for our attention. Therefore we tend to get distracted or simply forget. Having transit arrivals notifications and a "I'm here" button can help get a feel for crowd levels for COVID-19.


3)ConnectCard integration. The app could digitally scan your virtual card when you arrive on the bus and instantly charge the card. There will also be a section to link an account to load funds to an account or quick transfer funds to someone else's card.


4)"Pittsburgh" branding. Embracing the "Steel City" or the "City of Bridges" would help users understand more about the city or learn about it via fun facts durning travel or wait times, but most importantly, establishing a branding Identity  for the app that reflects the city.

Quick Personas

Users would want to:

Travel To the Heinz Field

Know when the next bus is coming 

Load their ConnectionCard

Look for new places to go

Be alerted when their stop is approaching

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